About Us

Teachers and Staff

Our teachers are:

  • Principal: Richard Johnston

  • Deputy Principal: Chantal Millward

  • Room 1: Mrs Nerissa Twomey

  • Room 2: Mrs Kiralee Morris

  • Room 3: Mrs Lucrecia Hoedemaker

  • Room 4: Mr Fraser Goodin

  • Room 5: Mrs Alisha Erasmus

  • Room 6: Miss Louise Potter

  • Room 7: Miss Anna Pryde

  • Learning Space 1: Mr Greg Wong and Miss Daf White

  • Learning Space 2: Mrs Robyn Anderson and Mrs Dianne Fisi'iahi

Our support staff are:

  • SENCO: Mrs Adrianne Burke

  • Reading Recovery: Mrs Anna Salmon

  • Māori Language: Whaea Odie Johnson

  • Office Staff: Mrs Nada Speight and Mrs Lita Ofrasio

  • Teacher Aides:

    • Megan Birch

    • Mat Kanuta

    • Caroline Lawton

    • Ali Lund

    • Linda Maddren

    • Joe Smith

    • Gerry Warwood

    • Andrea Woolley

  • Librarians

    • Carolyn Sloan

    • Janine Nola

  • Caretaker: Mr Joel Stotts

Board of Trustees

More About Us

Kahui Ako

Panmure Bridge School is part of the Manaiakalani Kahui Ako.

Robyn Anderson is our Kahui Ako in school teacher. Check her blog here.

PBS Supporters

Panmure Bridge School would like to recognise and thank the following organisations for their continued support.

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