Junior School

Our junior school runs from New Entrants to Year 3. Children in the junior school learn to read, write, and do arithmetic through a range of engaging and creative activities including using iPads.

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Senior School

Senior students extend their literacy and numeracy skills while using their netbooks to research a range of topics, learning about the world. Seniors also have the opportunity to engage in a wider range of school activities including technology, and interschool sports tournaments.

Support Programmes

We have a range of support programmes to help children who may need extra help with core oral language, literacy, and numeracy skills. One such programme is the Flying Fives, developed by our S.E.N.Co, Adrianne Burke.

Flying 5s

A developmental project that Adrianne Burke runs with support from the RTLB.

This programme is in response to staff concerns at the number of students starting school with limited skills and ECE involvement.

This programme provides a creative environment where students can:

All 5 year olds starting our school complete this programme for the minimum of 10 weeks, 2 afternoons a week.

Parents receive a pack of supporting activities to do at home.

Final EIP Presentation .pptx

Early Intervention Programme

This programme helps our students who start school with limited school readiness.  This means they often struggle to hold a pencil, write their first name, or are unable to recognise numbers, letters, colours, or shapes.

The aim of the project is to give the students 10 weeks of one-on-one support with a Teacher Aide for half an hour a day for four days of the week. This helps students not only increase their knowledge but also to improve their confidence.

Individual resources and plans are put in place for these students and the project is managed by our S.E.N.Co Adrianne Burke

Check out our presentation of the programme

Additional learning

At Panmure Bridge School, we take learning seriously and aim for a diverse range of learning.